We are partnering with big brands

We’re tickled to tell you that we’re partnering with big brands in the industry!

As a company that only selects products of the highest quality, we have partnered with these companies to bring you the best of the best:

Xoxo Co. is one of our newest partners. They are an established brand that specializes in high-quality office supplies, including cute staplers, adorable shredders, and shiny paper clips.

We’re also very excited to announce our partnership with Brother Inkjet! This well-known company makes superior printers and ink, perfect for printing out your favorite [company name] content.

Brother Inkjet has also graciously agreed to provide every single employee at [company name] with a new printer! We’ll be able to print out all of our new content right in the office, instead of having to wait until we get home.

And that’s not enough…

We’ve also partnered with Post-it Notes, who will be providing all employees with a brand new pad of sticky notes. We know you love using sticky notes to leave yourself reminders throughout your day (especially when it comes to eating healthily), so this is sure to make your workdays go a lot smoother!

We’ve taken our years of expertise in selecting only the best products, and we’re using that expertise to help other brands select the best products for their needs. We hope that our partnership can help these brands improve their products and help customers get more from the experience.

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