Joining the goal for a green world

We’re taking on the challenge to sell only carbon neutral products. No more products from factories using fossil fuels.

This year, our company is taking on the challenge to only use carbon-neutral products. For us, that means ensuring that every product we sell isn’t contributing to climate change or harming people and the planet in any way. We know that our new policy means that some of our current suppliers will have to find other ways to make their products, but we think it’s worth it, because most of them are already looking into alternatives anyway. We’re sure they’ll appreciate all of our help!

A greener world, better for our children. We are trying to do our part.

To make this happen, we’ve hired a team of experts who are currently evaluating our suppliers and the potential impact of their products’ carbon footprint, so that we can continue to provide you with exactly what you want—including 100% vegan options—while making sure that your purchase never harms anyone or anything else.

By June 2019, we’ll be able to let you know which manufacturers still aren’t on board with our new policies. We hope you’ll stick with us until then!

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